Thermal Imaging

Mirage™ thermal vehicle marking film offers 24 hour, all weather vehicle recognition & identification to enable accurate air to ground surveillance of police vehicles using visible and current/future thermal infrared imaging cameras.

Mirage™ is a unique low-cost, patented solution to enable any Public Safety vehicle to be tracked day or night, or when visibility is poor. It has the ability to improve the operational effectiveness and tempo of air to ground surveillance.

The material works by a process called "cold-sky reflection".

Mirage Example

When the material is placed on the roof of a vehicle and viewed from above by thermal imagers, Mirage™ shows black (cold) while the vehicle shows white (hot).

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How it Works

This produces the high reflectivity contrast to provide a clear, distinctive thermal infrared vehicle marking.

Mirage SUV example

Mirage™ can be used to create infrared 'black' backgrounds or cut to create infrared 'black' symbols and letters. Mirage™ can be used in combination with conventional roof marking vinyl film or reflective roof marking film to create identification markings.

Mirage SUV Second example

Conventional sign vinyl and 'reflective' marking films both show as light grey or white (warm), so when used with Mirage™ they create distinctive visible and thermal infrared vehicle markings. Mirage™ roof markings can be supplied with adhesive backing or temporary attachment magnetic backing.

Mirage™ Graphics in Action

Mirage IR police Mirage vlcsnap example Mirage IR example